Motorcycle Tours of the American West

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2016 Motorcycle Tours

For the 2016 touring season, we are offering 8-, 9-, and 17-day summer tours of some of the best roads in the American West, plus a four-day trip to Death Valley in December. Additionally, we're continuing our shorter tours of the Pacific Northwest that range in length from one to four days. We're excited about all of these tours, and we think you will be too! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call.

The Best Value in Motorcycle Tours

Rider Magazine logoIn its January 2016 issue, Rider Magazine published a directory of 25 top motorcycle touring companies in the United States, highlighting such features as types of tours, accommodations, rental options, and typical costs. Most of the touring companies charge anywhere from $450 to $650 per day, depending on whether a rental bike was including.

At MotoJourneys, we have always focused on value, providing our riders with comfortable accommodations at a fair price while showing them some of the best motorcycle roads in the American West. That's the MotoJourney's difference. Learn more »»

MotoJourneys provides quality, affordable motorcycle tours of world-class scenic routes throughout the American West. With groups limited to approximately 8 to 10 bikes, we personalize each motorcycle tour to focus on unique local restaurants and hotels that reflect the charm and character of the American West. Give us a call today at (509) 856-6572 to start your next adventure!

Thank you for the trip. It was everything you said it would be. Also, thank you for the pictures which reaffirm the greatness of the experience.
Terry & Debbie, Corpus Christi, Texas

Terry & Debbie, Corpus Christi, Texas

Pacific Northwest Tours

There's nothing like an 8- or 17-day motorcycle tour across the great expanses of the American West, but if your time frame and budget are limited, then consider one of our Custom Tours of the Pacific Northwest, which range from one to four days, depending on the route. These are an efficient, affordable way for you and a friend to check out the Western terrain before booking a longer trip with a full group.

Join a Tradition on Two Wheels

Carl Hedström with a prototype of his first motorcycle

If this is your first motorcycle tour, you'll be joining a long list of Americans who have taken to the highway on two wheels in search of themselves and adventure. People have been riding motorcycles on the backroads of our country ever since George M. Hendee and Carl Hedström rolled out their first Indian Single in 1901. Today, motorcycle touring provides many more creature comforts than on those early trips, but whatever form it takes, an extended trip by bike across the great American landscape satisfies our national need to travel like nothing else. We are destined to motojourney! Read more »»