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Rider Safety

Motorcycle touring, as with any other form of travel, has inherent risks. These can be significantly mitigated by all riders having valid driver licenses with a motorcycle endorsement. If the rider is a resident of a state, such as Washington State, that requires a separate endorsement for three-wheel vehicles (Spyder, trike, or sidecar), the license must have a separate or combined endorsement for this vehicle. Washington State impounds all motorcycles, two- or three-wheel, when the rider does not have the correct and current endorsement. MotoJourneys requires a valid driver's license for riding the type of motorcycle you choose to ride.

The skill level and experience needed to ride comfortably and safely are dependent on many factors such as courses and training attended by the rider, years of experience and/or types of roads ridden. All roads chosen for a tour, unless noted, should be, but may not be, paved (bridges, construction, repair, detour etc.).

In the event of mechanical failure, there is a chase vehicle to assist in getting a disabled motorcycle to a qualified repair facility.

Liability and Travel Insurance

Certain states, such as Oregon, require motorcyclists to have insurance. We require that all tour participants have motorcycle liability insurance. Additionally, we strongly recommend that all participants have some form of travel insurance for any unexpected medical need. If you have a medical condition that could impair your ability to ride, we ask that you let us know ahead of time. Depending on the condition, we may request a letter from a physician that you are fit to undertake the tour you have chosen.

Rider Experience and Road Conditions

One last thought about safety. Even though MotoJourneys owner Bob Crowe leads each tour, you should ride your own ride and not someone else's that may be outside of your comfort and skill range. We recommend that you ride safely and within your skill level and comfort zone. If you have not ridden two-up, this is not the time to "try it out." Please be comfortable with riding two-up well before the tour departure date. Additionally, please do not buy, rent or borrow a motorcycle that is beyond your experience and ability. There are wonderful motorcycles that weigh less than 500 lbs. and big cruisers that weigh well north of 800 lbs. Then there is the 747 of motorcycles, the Goldwing, a wonderful motorcycle, but a handful of 1,000 lbs. or more with you and your luggage. Please choose your ride prudently.

We hesitate to give fixed guidance since there are many factors involved in having experience and skill. The roads traveled will be public roads and paved, but the speed limits in the west are high. Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, and Utah, to name a few, have 75 mph speed limits on some of their roads. You need to be comfortable riding at these speeds as well as riding, but much slower, mountain roads with hairpin turns and minimal guard railings, if any.

Gear and Accessories

We require all participants to wear a valid "DOT" certified helmet and to have some form of eye protection. We recommend full face or flip-up modular full face helmets. Regardless of state laws, our helmet requirement is enforced at all times when riding.

We also strongly recommend that all riders wear quality motorcycling pants, jackets and gloves. Appropriate footwear is also recommended. There is a broad range of appropriate wear available in numerous configurations and price ranges. We discourage “fashion” motorcycle wear as it rarely works well as protection.

We want you to have a fun and wonderful experience and return home safely. Please contact us if you have any questions.