Day 2


The morning greets us with sprinkles of cool rain. Plans are in place to ride to McCall for breakfast. What may have started as sprinkles quickly changes to full-fledged rain and cold as we rise out of the canyon onto a plateau and approach Meadows and then ascended again to 5,000 ft — a total gain of 3,000 ft in elevation from our start for the day in Riggins.

McCall is well know for many recreational and non recreational pursuits. The town lies along the expanse of Payette Lake, offers skiing, hunting and is home to one of the U.S. Forest Service's Smoke Jumper bases. As we depart our morning stop at the cafe, along with the warnings from Judy, our waitress, about going to Jackson, WY — along with a customer's like minded comments about our IQ, or lack thereof, we note the apparent affluence of the McCall area. Nice town – great people.

For those of you who are Rotarians, we stop at a lake front park in the middle of town aptly named Rotary Park. The requisite photos are snapped along with a strange twist of the Spock sign or Vulcan equivalent of a handshake as the Rotarians in the group photo all wearing three digit motorcycle rain over-gloves show their Star Trek greeting.

The remainder of the ride to Boise is accompanied by a dropping down on State Road 55 into a Canyon along the Payette River — a road dreamed up by motorcyclists and built by the Idaho Department of Transportation, to whom we are forever grateful. No description does the road justice — just go ride it!

Upon finally weaving our way through Boise to I-84 east, the group finally joins the rest of the group at the prearranged rendezvous point. Greetings and smiles are exchanged and we quickly change our route from going through the Saw Tooth Recreation Area due to high elevation and the severity of the weather and approaching front.

We choose a route directly to Ketchum (Sun Valley) heading north out of Mountain Home, ID. The road, State Road 20, quickly rises from the flats of southern Idaho onto a very scenic high plateau. Other than the abundance of rain and deer crossings, the ride is enjoyable and gratefully, uneventful.

We arrive in Ketchum in the sunshine, that quickly changes to mountain weather with rain squalls. No one seems to care as the group is off their bikes for the day, the accommodations at the Tamarack Lodge are quite nice and Deb, the manager, seems unable to do enough for us.

Ketchum and its sister town of Hailey are each one of a kind, essentially the result of enormous amounts of wealth and fame — including a large population of the beautiful people. Dinner at the Pioneer Saloon, a $9.95 prime rib special and three bottles of wine has the group ready to sell their possessions and move here,

Tomorrow's plans are for breakfast at the Sun Valley Hotel/Resort, a brief flirting with wealth and fame for us...this is something to which everyone is looking forward. Somewhat like rubbing elbows with the first class plane passengers as you make your way to your usual seat in coach or economy.