Day 3

The day starts out with a leisurely pace and wonderful visit and breakfast at the Sun Valley Hotel. Again we field questions about the potential temperature extremes and routes that would be possible considering the forecast weather conditions for the next three days from hotel staff and guests.

We leave the hotel and proceed to town to pack, check out of the lodge, and for a quick stop at the local outdoor equipment store to get components for a zipper repair for one riding suit and warm gear for others. We are ready for the ominous trek into the teeth of winter in spring as we head towards our goal, Jackson, WY.


Disaster strikes at an intersection between Ketchum and Hailey. Bill's BMW RT succumbs to the dreaded drive-shaft final drive failure that is becoming such a common event for BMW owners. As word of Bill's misfortune spreads through the line of motorcycles, each rider individually separates from the group to join Bill on a side street – unfortunately, Bob, being the farthest down the road and last to join the rescue group does not see the group on the side street and rides at high speed back into Ketchum while envisioning Bill stretched out on the road with a crumpled bike. Finally, after a cell call, Bob realizes the group is still back at the intersection on the side street wondering why Bob rode off so quickly and did not see or join them.

On the side road, Bill is able to contact his insurance company and obtain a tow truck to take the ailing bike to the BMW dealer in Boise, a 140 miles back the way we came the day before. Mr. Happy jumps out of Bob's tank bag to offer unsolicited commentary about the current state of affairs and make the statement that the BMW RT's seem suited best to serve as chaise lounges for a sun tan.


Bill leaves with the tow truck and his bike for the ride to Boise and to rent a bike to continue the motorcycling part of the trip.

The rest of the group has lunch and rides back to Boise to meet up with Bill and get a room for the night.

Bill has been a great sport and had a great attitude considering the magnitude of he disappointment and expense of repairs.

Now the trip to Jackson is no longer feasible and new plans are formulated at dinner along with the consumption of drinks to aid the creative process. Nevada, a short distance from Boise becomes the group's new adventure destination.

Tomorrow is the rental of a bike for Bill, most likely a Harley Road King, and then off to Winnemucca, NV for the new adventure.