Day 4 Moto Trip


Today was a day of preparing for the new destination of Nevada, better weather, and Winnemucca for the first night. And you might be thinking, all problems are behind us now, well not so fast. When the time comes to go pick up Bill's rental Harley, which Leo is renting with his HOG membership, Leo's bike fails to start. The reader may have guessed by now that Mr. Happy makes his appearances most frequently when misfortune strikes a motorcyclist. This event of Leo's bike not starting makes the day's events quickly rearrange themselves, and a leisurely ride to Winnemucca becomes more a desire than reality.

The Harley Davidson dealer quickly responds to Leo's misfortune with such speed and expertise that we are led to believe they have quite a bit of experience picking up disabled Harley's. At the same time, Marly calls the Honda dealer at home to seek an answer as to why she has no heat in her heated grips and can not have any reception on her bike's radio. It is a mystery since all the fuses in the bike are good, as was discovered when Bob checked them the previous morning in 30 degree weather in the parking lot in Ketchum.

With Instructions of where to look from the mechanic at home, it is discovered the wires were unplugged and never reconnected after the pre-trip servicing. Off Marly rides to the Boise Honda dealer seeking a quick repair.

By 1:00 PM, we all meet at the local Harley dealer, Marly with her fixed Goldwing Trike, Bill with his rental Harley Street Glide and Leo with his repaired Sportster, which was only suffering from loose battery connections.

The group heads to Winnemucca with great haste as compared to the hoped for leisurely ride with lots of photo opportunities. The day's only photo opportunity is of Leo and Mr. Happy.

Heading south we ride in high winds to the town of Jordan Valley, Oregon, where we eat at the a Basque cafe called the J.V. Cafe. We eat a great meal and listen to customers coming from Nevada, where we are headed, describe the high winds we are heading into and all the state troopers who will be waiting for us should we speed.

No Oregon State Troopers were ever seen between Jordan Valley and the state line, while our speed is close to the Oregon's not so generous 55 mph speed posted on a road that begs for a twist of the wrist.

Jordan Valley is 100 miles north of the Nevada state line, and for those who do not buy gas in Jordan Valley, it is a place where they really will wish they had bought gas. The next gas station after Jordan Valley is at the Nevada state line, and Leo and his Sportster are very grateful to buy gas at the state line at any price.

We finally arrive in Winnemucca, which in native American probably means winds you will not forget . Our hotel is the Winnemucca Inn, a very nice facility with nice large rooms where bikers are known to have several drinks before dinner after an eventful day.

Tomorrow will be a late start and hoped for easy ride to Reno, where the group will have great rooms at the World Mark Reno at a very reasonable price thanks to Dean. The group is intact, and we are having a good time and an adventure somewhat different than what was planned.

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