Day 6


We eat a nice healthy breakfast of donuts, apple fritters and like kind fare — washing it all down with boutique coffee — yum! The weather is just wonderful — sun and warming temperatures that reach onto the 60's. Today's destination is Elko, the site of the cowboy gathering much like our hometown's Spirit of the West. Lunch is scheduled to be in Winnemucca, which we consider something of a half-way point between Reno and Elko even though Winnemucca is a bit closer to Elko than Reno.

Part of the magic of traveling in Nevada and some other progressive states (and most probably under populated states in comparison to those on the west coast) is the speed limit of 75 mph. As we ride towards Elko, we begin to realize that most drivers in Nevada consider the speed limit as a mere suggestion and a poorly made one by the Nevada Department of Transportation. All manner of vehicles pass us at high rates of speed despite our valiant attempts to adopt to local customs.

At one of our several stops, we get a group shot proving somewhat that we really are riding motorcycles as opposed to getting together in a different restaurant every night for dinner and a picture. Again, a passerby volunteers to take our picture for us and returns the camera.

We arrive in Elko in the early evening and check into one very large hotel and casino complex where we quickly unpack the bikes and open some more wine that not even David Copperfield could keep taking out of Leo's and Dean's motorcycles.

Plans are made for tomorrow when we will head to Boise by way of Elko to Mountain Home. Bill's BMW will be ready to go and Bill needs to be there to collect his bike before the shop closes. We have Leo's brother Darrell as a back-up so that Bill will have his bike to ride home. Of course, there is the additional factor of needing to return the Harley Street Glide rental.

To make Bill feel better about the his bike repair, we all played the penny slot machines in the casino, with Leo leading the pack in losses at the slots. No one has the heart to ask Marly how she did at the Black Jack table.

As the trip comes down to the final two days, it is clear that we all are making the best of the opportunities we have to enjoy ourselves. So up early tomorrow for the last two days of the trip.