Another Run to Jackson…….. we think!

One year and over one month later the intrepid travelers are off try to visit Greg, Bill's friend in Wilson, WY (very close to Jackson).  Starting Saturday, June 18, 2011 at the Quality Inn in Ellensburg we will leave for Enterprise, Oregon by way of Asotin County in the the far southeast corner of Washington State and ride the famous Rattlesnake (think curves not snakes) SR 129.

We will be staying at the Ponderosa Motel.  Last time our first night was at the Big Iron Motel in Riggins, ID.  Apparently we are making a bit of a habit of spending the first night in a manly man motel.  Last year's motel had complementary cookies and beer at check-in.  We are hoping for similar treatment, but will settle for wine and cheese.

Talking about wine, Leo and Dean again appear to be planning to leave their clothes at home and fill their saddle bags with various vintages of good wine.  At the planning dinner we all discussed the route for a good 30 seconds and spent the rest of the evening discussing what wine to bring.

Most importantly, we have packed a good attitude, plan to have a safe trip and really resent all those tacky remarks about our sense of direction because we started for Jackson, WY last year and ended up in Reno, NV.  Really, how big a deal is that?  Ah, for Bill the relationship with BMW of Boise - was a big deal.

This year, watch for the presentation of the award for the first dropped bike.  Mr. Happy is again coming along and recently congratulated Bill on his 365+ drop-free days.  Bill still has not warmed up to Mr. Happy and probably is a bit sore about Mr. Happy sunning himself on Bill's BMW while Bill waited for a tow truck due to the infamous BMW final drive failure virus........ but this is all behind us and off we go to a ride through Hell's Canyon, the Sawtooth Mountain Range, Grand Tetons (the French really know how to name mountain ranges), Yellowstone, the Beartooth Highway and back across Lolo pass.  It does not get much better than this.