Money Shrubs, Rain and more…..

We are all a bit damp, a litte cool but safe and well fed in Enterprise, OR. The ride today was the kind that Mr. Happy just loves... full of human trial and tribulations. We all left Ellensburg this morning in fine form and on time. The entourage headed down the the road to Vantage to take SR 240 to 243 to the Tri-Cities then through Pasco to Waitsburg, Dayton, Pomeroy, Clarkson and then south on the Rattlesnake/SR 129 to Entprise, OR... sounds uneventful....... it wasn't.

First of all, it was very overcast when we left, threatening rain, which soon became a reality, but better yet as Mr. Happy likes to say, unusual events unfolded as we crested Rye Grass and headed down to the Columbia and the bridge at Vantage. Apparently, Leo had purchased a Harley Davidison that was equiped with the optional spring open trunk lid with contents ejection package. Out went the blue fleece jacket and wallet. Leo was forced to go back and search for the missing contents of his trunk while the rest of us headed on according to the original plan.

In Preston, WA we followed Dean to another sleazy bar that he and Danielle love to partronize - just kidding, it was called the Tuxedo Bar & Cafe (that is not a joke) where we had a good bar food lunch and then headed on in the rain to Costco in Clarkston for some Costco gas,and then turn south on SR 129 to Anatone (population 38 poeple 17 dogs and 11 horses) and then further south on some of the best roads and views in the worst weather, but not before Bill and the owner of the Tuxedo Bar & Cafe, Carla, had their picture taken together. By the time we arrived at Chief Joseph overlook outside of Enterprise, the view was non-existent but the rain and hail sure wasn't.

When we arrived in Enterprise, out came the wine, trail mix (a fine French mix I am sure) and a call to Leo that regaled us with his story of essentially searching the Rye Grass median for his jacket and wallet. Eventually, he enlistes the assitance of his dear wife, Cathi, who drives as Leo hangs out the window like a beagle sniffing for his cash which he hopes still exists somewhere beside the road. With a few hints from WSDOT folks he searches the median and sees his blue fleece jacket and then notices that random pieces of scrub steppe over a large area contain pictures of various past presidents. Fortunately, and with the type of luck that folks usually need to win Powerball, Leo finds all but a couple or so pictures of past presidents and the finances for his trip are again back in his hands. He also finds all of the trip materials that Bob gave him without a page missing. For some reason, Leo does not consider this find to be of particular significance. Seems to be a bit ungrateful, don't you think?

Rumor has it that Leo is spending the night in Ellensburg and meeting the group again in Boise on Sunday, in order to allow Cathi to use her Singer Stitch and Sew to attach the errant wallet to his waist. So it will appear that Leo will be immitating a Kangaroo every time he needs to reach into his wallet for some money. We all look forward to seeing Leo and having all the group together... tomorrow is on to Stanley, ID by way of Hell's Canyon... forecast is for cool weather.