Hell’s Canyon to a Piece of Heaven

Today was a day of contrasts. We awoke to another overcast day and headed out to ride the rim of Hell's Canyon to the famous sweeping overlook.  The road was scattered with rocks and potholes, so the going was very slow... 30-35 miles for almost 50 miles.  The overlook was quite impressive as it was the only view we had been able to see in almost two days of riding.  The remainder of the ride towards Oxbow was somewhat better, and much warmer than we had been.  From Oxbow we took Idaho SR 71, which at first is a private road the belongs to Idaho Power that goes around Brownlee Dam, that is one of the many power generating dams on the Snake River.... the weather warmed and so did our spirits.  By the time we connected with Leo in Boise at the same place we had rendezvoused in 2010, the weather was warm and the skies clearing.  About time.


Leo had been at the Burger King meeting spot for 3 hours, so he was glad to finally see us.  You might wonder why we did not call Leo and let him know.  Well, cell service in the area of Oregon and Idaho where we were did not have cell service or much of anything else - including toilet paper I am told at the Hell's Canyon overlook. FYI - Idaho Power has lots of toilet paper in their bathrooms.

We left Boise on SR 21 that leads through the Sawtooth Mountains to Stanley.  This was a ride in beautiful weather with move curves than the Playboy Mansion.... or so it seemed.

We had many "had to" stops for breathtaking views and pictures of same.  The last 30 miles into Stanley were probably the most beautiful of any 30 miles we had ever ridden.  We rode along with sawtoothed snow covered mountains as our constant visual companion.....it does not get any better than this was today.


Our hotel, the High Country Inn had rooms for us with a porch that faced the Sawtooth Range - Wow!  There really is not much to Stanley but beautiful natural surroundings that are second to none.

Tomorrow takes us through Ketchum/Sun Valley, Craters of the Moon National Monument over Teton Pass to Wilson, WY and Bill's good friend Greg.  We can't wait!