From Peaks to Craters

Today was quite eventful with a very scenic ride along the Sawtooth Range and over Galena Pass to get to Sun Valley, Ketchum & Hailey and on to Wilson, WY.  Plenty of photo opportunities from majestic peaks to craters (Craters of the Moon National Monument). The weather was beautiful and the day was only interrupted by road construction delays.


We finally entered Wyoming and made it to Jackson and then down the road to Wilson.  This where the day got interesting.  We were to take Elk Road to Bronco Road..... well we almost did something vaguely resembling this if you substitute Deer for Elk......... so up we rode a very narrow and steep hill to a steeper  driveway that had the same number as Greg's house number.  The same house number and a different road do not produce Greg;s home or driveway.

As all the bikes crested the driveway onto a very small parking area, things went very wrong for Bob...... his bike as he attempted to maneuver toppled over on the downhill side while Bob thinking manly man thoughts failed to muster enough strength to do anything but scream not so nice words.  Despite reports to the contrary he did not scream like a girl.

We finally made it to Greg's home.... more to come with pictures.... it is beyond nice with shabby views of all those ugly Wyoming mountain ranges that we incorporate into national parks. By the way, Greg's driveway is like about as wide as an interstate... oh well, bike needed repainting.

In closing, we need to reveal for those who do not know Mr. Happy, who runs this blog what he looks like.  In this case, a picture says it all.