As we rode the Beartooth again, we had to get one last photo of Pilot Peak, and then on to Cooke City, MT to buy trip mementos/souvenirs. Once every 81 minutes give or take 10 is the schedule of Old Faithful; never fails to be impressive, and the crowd, especially the kids - young & old, love it.


Yes you read that right! Marly was victimized by marauding gangs. It was an inexcusable crime, despite the fact Marly has more snacks in her bag than a Frito Lay truck. The worst part of the crime was the mess that was left. Marly said she felt completely violated by this intrusion into her personal effects. Apparently the criminal did not care for Good & Plenty or Hot Tamales. Loved the Chex Mix though.


The perpetrator was immediately spotted in the act and then hung around waiting for us to leave.  Due to national park regulations against discharging firearms towards wildlife, despite their severe character defects, the criminal was left to strike again.


On the way back to Wilson, and despite running late, we had to stop to take a picture of the setting sun on the Grand Tetons.  It really does not get much better than this!

Tomorrow we start for home, and everyone was pleased with all we got to do and see.  No telling what plans the future may hold.  We did take one last picture tonight...... everyone including Greg, our host.


(L to R) Leo, Marly, Bill, Greg, Danielle, Dean & Bob.... oh my, where is Mr. Happy?