Wilson (Jackson) to Salmon – Great Food & Wine

Today was easy street day, a short ride in beautiful weather if you ignore the wind.....just ask Marly who has become somewhat buff due to all the steering in the many curves and wind.  Yup we call her Buffy now. Now based on the fact that every dinner at Greg's was chili, the mileage even into the wind, should have been outstanding.

The route covered a lot of undeveloped BLM managed land that remind many of us older types of the way the west was and should be lots of open spaces and not a lot of traffic........ and the temptation to twist the throttle really made all of our hands itch....especially on the long straight stretches.

We have finally seen another side of Bill, the domestic.... I think he is either trying to get hired by Tide or Wickers for advertising.  The first thing he does when we get somewhere is ask where the washing machine is.  And about the Wickers - Bill has been modeling his Wickers underwear...... but not while wearing them... Bill the spokesman for Tide and Wickers.  Yup got your Wickers? Do you know where your Wckers are tonight?

Dinner tonight was great - a Chamber of Commerce gathering at the restaurant for after hours was down by the Salmon River for starters and then into the restaurant we went. The motel is also right on the river, which by the way is at flood stage, but no worries, we all are on the second floor. Bob had stayed in the hotel in 1995 and eaten at the same restaurant then also - so we had some knowledge the restaurant might be good, and it was.  The appetizer was sauteed alligator... no  kidding - wonder if it tasted like poodle?  In Florida they are well known for regulating the dog population along waterways.

After dinner was some wine from one of the bikes along the river which had risen quite a bit since we started dinner..... did I mention we are on the second floor?

Tomorrow is a ride over two passes, first Lost Trail Pass between Idaho and Montana and then the famous Lewis & Clark pass, Lolo Pass, which is also between Idaho and Montana and a ride along the Lochsa(pronounced lock saw)   River, which closely runs along their expedition journey trail, but ours will be much less arduous.  Everyone is looking forward to this ride to Orofino where we will spend the night at the Konkoville Motel .

No, I do not make these names up!