Post Script Long Ride – Big Surprise

Friday, June 22, 2012, was a beautiful and fun ride through beautiful country for the tour group, and in Boise, Idaho another ride was unfolding - the motorcycle was fixed and good to go by 2:30 PM, and go it did with the goal of making Cortez, Co before the tour left for South Fork, Colorado, and Cortez was 700 miles away. Fortunately the day was, if not the longest in terms of sunlight, darn close.

Thankful for good speed limits (75 mph) and a large fuel tank ( approx. 8 gallons) and only 3 fuel/rest stops, Bob arrived in Cortez at the motel at 3:30 AM on June 23, - not too bad, just 13 hours.  We would not have tried anything similar with a tour group, as night riding is rare, unplanned and avoided.

After three tours and two breakdowns, future tours would have a chase vehicle and trailer with a spare bike.