South Fork, CO around the Fires to Leadville, CO

wildfireToday we awoke to a clear sunny day along the Rio Grande. After breakfast we headed north along the Rio Grande River past its headwaters to Lake City through beautiful high plain ranching country.

The ride through the high plateau to Lake City was good - few cars and good road. After Lake City, we made our way up to the Blue Mesa Reservoir. At Gunnison, we altered our our route to Leadville to avoid the wildfires that seemed to be burning everywhere.

ColoradoA wonderful aspect of Colorado is that an alternate route is just trading good scenery for more good scenery.

Leadville is an old mining town where there had been found, along with other types of ore rich lodes of silver. Today Leadville is the highest incorporated city in the United States at 10,152 feet in altitude. The town is sometimes referred to as the two mile city. As to how the town got the name Leadville instead of Silverville was that the two metal often are intermixed or accompany each other. Not too bad of a name since much lead flew through the air in what was a rowdy town in its boom era.

Leadville was our destination for the night, so after dinner everyone called it a day.