Craig, CO to Jackson, WY

DSCN0963Morning found us packing to ride through a stretch of relatively desolate country to one of the most spectacular settings in the world - Jackson, WY.

You get a lot of respect for those who settled this land and especially for those who kept going west into Utah. Other than Rock Springs and Green River along this stretch of Interstate 80, there was not much until we came to the well known Little America - truck and car stop.

On the Road to JacksonAfter Little America we made our way to the very scenic US 89 that follows the Wyoming Range north to Jackson, WY (Jackson Hole is the area). We have gotten used to seeing wildfires on this trip ever since we arrived in Cortez, CO. So the obligatory stop for a picture was in order.

As we rode north, the scenery got more and more beautiful with Mountains to our right. At Afton, WY we pass under the world's largest arch made out of over 3,000 elk antlers.

wildfiresA very unusual sight is that of the Snake River, the same Snake River we crossed over a week and many miles ago previously in Idaho. The Snake River flows out of Jackson Lake in Grand Teton National Park south to the Palisades Reservoir.

It had been quite a day, we were off our bikes for the day and a nice cold beverage was in order.

evening beers