Going to the Sun and then to Missoula MT

Glacier National ParkGlacier National Park is one of the country's most spectacular parks and has the distinction of having not only glaciers but also grizzly bears. This park is equally famous, if not more, for one of the great wonders of the CCC during the depression. This is Montana 49, which I believe few ever call the road, which was literally carved out of the side of the mountains and up over the continental divide and is referred to as Going to the Sun Road.

Glacier NationalThe views along the two lane road grab your attention, and we pull off the road frequently to take another great picture. Riding and viewing the grand vistas is not compatible since in several sections there is little if no shoulder. There is the guard rail and then a great view unimpeded by the void on the other side of the guard rail. Every year a herculean effort is made to open the road by June 30 and often even with the effort accompanied by bulldozers and dynamite it is not possible.

The park, especially Logan Pass, which the Going to the Sun Road crosses (along the continental divide) has its own weather system. So we were ready for sun or rain....it was just a bit cloudy, but dry.

We eat in West Glacier, a town at the west entrance to the park and head south on scenic ride to Missoula MT past the beautiful Seeley Lake. It has been another beautiful day with great sights.