Motorcycle Tour Features

Salmon Rapids Lodge, Riggins, Idaho

Salmon Rapids Lodge, Riggins, Idaho

Prices for all of our 2016 motorcycle tours are per person based on double occupancy, whether a person is a rider or non-rider. Service includes:

  • Hotel room (double occupancy)
  • Chase vehicle
  • Personal group guide
  • Assistance with motorcycle rental
  • Planning
  • Maps
  • Pick-up/drop off
  • Packing list
  • Background of areas visited
  • Sources of clothing & equipment
  • CD of Pictures
  • Blog for family & friends to follow

Motorcycle tour prices do not include:

  • Meals (breakfast is frequently included with rooms, but is not guaranteed).
  • Fuel and motorcycle rental (if latter is required)
  • Insurance
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Custom duties, entrance, parking, or other fees
  • Medical aid costs

To book a tour, please contact us, and we will forward you a registration packet.