Motorcycle Tour Questions

Bikes in front of Mountain Range

How far does the tour ride every day?

The American West is a very large area that in many instances has a low population density, small towns with limited services, and mountain roads that require slower speeds to negotiate. Our goal in this setting is to ride approximately 250 miles or less in a day. Occasionally, there will be a 300-mile day, and in those cases, the roads will be straighter, flat, and with higher speeds. These days are necessary to cross wide open spaces between world class venues such as Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park or eastern Washington on the way to Hell's Canyon.

What type of bike should I ride?

It is always our goal to find the best roads (non-Interstate highways) with the most interesting sights. We take great care and effort to find the most scenic roads and avoid limited access highways. All roads chosen are paved, but at times, they may be under construction and unpaved. The speed limits on some rural and secondary roads in the West may be quite a bit higher than what you may have previously experienced. Therefore, any street bike that can maintain a speed of 70-75 mph is appropriate.

Can MotoJourneys provide a motorcycle?

MotoJourneys does not rent or provide motorcycles but instead works with those that do to offer you a selection of brands and styles.

If I fly to nearest regional airport, how do I get to a rental agency or the departure location?

We can provide or arrange for pick-up and drop-off at the closest regional airports or rental agency. If you need such services, please let us know, and we'll be glad to make arrangements.

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